Making Life Delicious!

IMG_1866.JPGOh, strawberry glory! Yesterday, I took my younger siblings with me to a strawberry patch, Boz’s Berry Farm. They were for sure excited because it was their first time, and I have to admit I was more excited than they were! When we first arrived the baskets to carry our strawberries was all ready for us. Once we got into the field, we got to pick our strawberries! I was so excited, even though it’s something so simple. The weather was really nice outside too, which of course made it even better!

Once we filled our baskets full of strawberries, we went to the front to pay for it ($2.50 + tax per pound for U-pick). The people that worked there were very kind and nice! They even complimented us on how great we did and said a couple of jokes here and there. While we were paying for our strawberries, we decided to also get some of their slushy they had there. It was so delicious! I honestly have been craving it ever since.

After all the fun playing around there, we, later on, went home even though I actually wanted to stay a little while longer. The atmosphere was great out there. There was a couple of people there but not to the point where it is so overwhelming. They actually had picnic tables there as well, and I wished that I should’ve brought sandwiches, drinks, and snacks for us to enjoy it there. The farm is so peaceful and relaxing. I will for sure be back ready to pick some strawberries. Also, I’ll be back with a picnic basket to enjoy the summer weather out in this peaceful place!







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