Casual Chic Outfit Anyone Can Pull Off



Top: Forever 21 Semi-Sheer Arrow Print Shirt

This top is perfect for a day when you feel like dressing up but with a little casual spin to it. It is extremely light-weight and comes in two colors. I went ahead and got the black one to make myself seem a little slimmer, but there is also a white one which is absolutely stunning as well. My favorite part about the top is the white lining down the arms and the collars. Once I saw the little extra detail, it caught my attention immediately, and I fell in love.

This top is currently at its final sale costing only $12.00

Bottom: ASOS Petite Ripped Mom Jeans

Feeling a little casual today? This bottom will make your outfit spot on perfect to your taste for the day! It is so comfortable and, of course, super cute! It’s one of the pairs that I usually guide towards and will likely pick to wear for the day. I really like the ripped touches it has in the front. It gives the look a nice edgy vibe to it, which I adore! The best part about it is that it’s available in petite, which I appreciate very much!

This bottom is currently on sale for only $22.00 (usually $56.00) 



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